Over two years ago I was under tremendous stress and began walking “off balance”, feeling dizzy and having vertigo. After seeing several doctors I was having side effects to the medications that I took. Tried some herbal supplements that helped some but I was still wasn’t feeling quite normal. Via Biofeedback and Jan’s assessment I found out that I have a “yeast imbalance” in my body- I am so grateful to have found out (had no idea). For two weeks now, I have been on a cleansing diet and taking supplements -I am no longer dizzy or walking off balance. I learn something new about my body at each session. I am feeling a little more energetic each day and look forward to my future. With Biofeedback and Jan’s recommendations I feel like I have my life back and will be able to get on an airplane for a vacation! Thanks Jan!

Marsha – BSN RN  (Roseville)


My family and I have been receiving Bio Feedback from Jan Carter since 2008.  I have always been amazed at the accuracy of Jan’s work in pin pointing the toxic burdens and underlying cause of inflammation in the body.  Jan’s knowledge and skill coupled with the powerful energy testing of the BioFeedback has provided us with an understanding of what the body is dealing with and solutions to bring our energy back into balance.   I feel so grateful to know that I can eliminate any guesswork in finding where the specific weaknesses are so that we can address them on an physical as well as emotional basis.  The healing frequencies of energy are felt instantaneously!  I am so glad that our paths crossed!

Sheree Zink, Livermoore, CA



Biofeedback is a very powerful tool to identify the needs of the body.  The symptoms that I experience could be associated with a number of deficiencies in my body.  My primary care doctor runs a variety of tests and determines that I am “in the range” and does not further explore the possible causes.  I learn something about my body after every biofeedback session.  It identifies specific deficiencies that I have the opportunity to work on, and it has been extremely accurate.  Jan’s knowledge and support completes the package.  It has been life changing!

Christine Hobbs, Folsom, CA


I thought the bio-feedback was very helpful.  I learned about new areas/issues that I needed to pay attention to so that I could be better balanced; for instance, I needed more Potassium and B-complex.  After the session, I felt super relaxed, and the effect lasted for days.  I felt that my health improved.  I am supposed to return for a check-up.  Oh, I also bought a mini-trampoline (rebounder) to strengthen my lymphatic system.  I am really enjoying it.  It feels fun and helps me expend calories.  I recommend getting the bio-feedback with Jan.  She’s really nice, too.

Heidi L,  Fair Oaks, CA


Hello my name is Allie Markham and I have been receiving biofeedback treatments for some time from Jan Carter. I am 43 this November 2011 and when I was 6 months old I was diagnosed with “epilepsy”. I am very upset with the medical field and its lack of emotions and humanism. Since I was 19 I have been studying how to work with my Seizures and have over 20 years figured it is a seizure disorder. I have learned through working with Jan and my intuition that my seizure disorder is just that and it is Nutritionally helped. Mainly by cutting Gluten from my diet. Biofeedback works with energy and that is precisely what seizures respond to ENERGY!!! I have had many treatments and between the knowledge I have gleaned in discussions with Jan and the results of each therapy session I have learned more of how to work with my seizures and eventually I was seizure free! A seizure is basically an electrical storm in the brain and Biofeedback is a great way of working with energy. I recommend anyone who wants to help themselves work with Jan Carter as this therapy is a great way to communicate with ones body and learn!Jan will help you understand many aspect of the therapy session for you!I have realized while working with Jan, that a person has more power to heal themselves with help than the medical profession will let us know! I was given terrible medicines over the past 42 years and with help of therapy and astuteness, I am now medicine -free and have been for 6 mos. This therapy is highly recommended for anyone who is willing to start helping themselves!
You can overcome more than you believe!
Allie Markum, Rancho Cordova, CA

I want to give you an update on my biofeedback that I am doing with Jan Carter. In the course of the last month, I’ve had two weeks of amazing energy, focus, and calm. Each week those good feelings last longer. As you know I wanted to experience biofeedback so that I could help those of you who were interested to use it adjunctly with your hormone therapy, as the two together may bring your hormones together much more quickly and accurately. It works particularly well for inflammatory causes and sometimes finds things that you don’t even know are going wrong and fixes them.

Nyna Nelson NP  Folsom, CA